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Hello! My name is Kenneth Chap.

Address Cambridge, MA, 02139

Cell (413) 471-4210


I am a first-generation Cambodian-American student passionate about programming and technology-related things. I am currently learning about ML, further developing my full-stack development skills, and competing in more competitions and hackathons. I also have experience in mobile development, game development, and web scraping.

Before setting foot onto MIT's campus, I was introduced to technology when Flash games peaked in the 2000s. Through numerous hours of gameplay and removing computer viruses, my newly acquired IT skills became a programming interest before my first year of high school.

I don't stall on topics that intrigue me. From learning JavaScript on Khan Academy, I taught myself coding languages to create various programs: a quantum computing game, a game review app, a machine-learning carbon emission website, you name it. I cannot wait to look into quantum computing and ML at MIT!

I am not afraid to reach out for help. I am grateful for the people and resources I have met along my journey so far, as without them, I wouldn't have had the motivation to try out new things by myself. Plus, programming is more enjoyable when working with people because you can work and vent on the same issues with them.

Lastly, I enjoy giving back to my community. I like teaching and applying my skills to help others, so I made The Programming Initiative to increase computer science resources at my high school. I want others to have the chances I didn't get starting from an under-resourced community, so I plan to do more philanthropy in the future.

And that starts with one line of code.